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Scenery design tool
The Scenery design tool is a freeware written by Ilan Papini for editing tile based scenery, this tool consists of three forms:

  • Object editor, used to edit the obj.bmp file and place tiles on it.
  • Tile editor, used to edit [p###.def ] files and show objects in them.
  • texture editor, used to edit the texture.bmp file and assign textures to the scenery.

The tool uses simple mouse control:

  • Drag and drop to move objects from the toolbar to the map.
  • Press left mouse button to pan the map.
  • Press right mouse button to zoom the map in or out.
Download Scenery design tool from VS Downloads Zone
To convert 3DS files to X files format used on VS, use conv3ds converter by Microsoft

You can be download this file from VS Downloads Zone.

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