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This page contains add-on files for Virtual Sailor, to install them do the following:

  • Open the windows explorer.
  • Locate the directory where Virtual Sailor is installed.
  • Take the add-on file you download from this page and put it inside the Virtual Sailor directory.
  • Run the add-on file by double clicking on it in the windows explorer.
  • Press OK to start the unzip of the file, then press Unzip, then OK at the end on unzip.
  • Start Virtual Sailor and start using the add-on scenery or boat.
See detailed instructions here

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The HMHS Britanic Author: Alec Barker
IThe Britannic was the last built of three virtually identical ships (all built from the same plan).
The Olympic was built first, her keel laid in 1909.
The Titanic was the middle sister.
The Britannic never saw paid passenger service.
She was requisitioned by the British Admiralty during WWI for use as a hospital ship before she could begin a career as a commercial liner, and was sunk off Crete by either a German mine or torpedo.

The Britanic is modeled with full interior.

This ship was beautifully remodeled by Alec Barker

Download ( 3.5 MB )  

The Bounty Author: Adam Galazka
In the year 1787, Lieutenant William Bligh, a young British Naval Officer having most recently served as sailing master to Captain James Cook on his voyages to the South Pacific, was commissioned by Sir Joseph Banks and the British Admiralty, to undertake a voyage in a small ship, HMS Bounty. The goal of the voyage was to obtain a large number of breadfruit plantings to be taken to the Caribbean where they would be transplanted to provide food for the slaves in those colonies.

The voyage was difficult, and ill-feelings were rampant, although probably no more than on other long sea voyages of the period. After a long stay in Tahiti to enable the gathering and stowing of the breadfruit plantings on board the ship, the Bounty began its voyage to the Caribbean and then back to England. On the morning of April 28th, 1789, led by Masters Mate Fletcher Christian, twelve crewmembers staged the now famous mutiny, capturing the ship, and setting Lt. Bligh and his supporters adrift in the ship's launch.

The Bounty is modeled with full interior!!!

This ship was beautifully created by Adam Galazka

Download ( 1.3 MB )  

Smok ("Dragon") Author: Adam Galazka
Smok ("Dragon") is an wonderful tall ship from XVI century.
The founder of her was polish king Zygmunt August (known as The Fader of Polish Navy).
She was a powerful war galleon with 25 cannons.
The ship was designed in Italy and build in Elblag the work was done in year 1571.
Unfortunatly the death of Zygmunt in 1572 marked the end of polish navy gold age and beautiful Smok never sailed .

Smok is modeled with full interior!!!

Adam Galazka

This ship was beautifully created by Adam Galazka

Download ( 0.65 MB )  

Titanic Author: Guillaume Darier
The beautiful Titanic is a deteiled model of the unforgettable passenger ship.

The original model has been updated to reflect it's true size and detailes and containes resonable polygon count even for medium performance computers.

The basic model has been updated again and this Golden version containes many additional details which make this ship truely amazing.

This fabulous ship was meticulously created by Guillaume Darier

Screenshot 2
Basic version Download here ( 0.75 MB )

Gold version Download here ( 2.0 MB )

Conure Author: Bob soup
The Conure is Gaff rigged schooner with impressive detail and style, beautifully created by Bob soup
Download here ( 1.2 MB )  

HMS Victory Author: Guillaume Darier
This is an improved model of the HMS Victory , a classic 18th century english warship that exists to this day at Portsmouth harbour, meticulously created by Guillaume Darier
Download here ( 1.2 MB )  

Eclipse Author: Guillaume Darier
The beautiful Eclipse is a deteiled model of a river boat, meticulously created by Guillaume Darier
Download here ( 0.75 MB )  

Royal Caroline Author: Kiyoo Iizawa
The Royal Caroline was built at Bedford's shipyards in 1749 as an English royal family yacht.
She was used for a long time, sailing since 1805 all around the world and she was dismantled in 1820.
This ship has an extremely competitive line for races as well as a rich set of ornaments all around the hull.

This beautiful boat was created by Kiyoo Iizawa
Download ( 0.8 MB )  

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