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This page contains add-on files for Virtual Sailor, to install them do the following:

  • Open the windows explorer.
  • Locate the directory where Virtual Sailor is installed.
  • Take the add-on file you download from this page and put it inside the Virtual Sailor directory.
  • Run the add-on file by double clicking on it in the windows explorer.
  • Press OK to start the unzip of the file, then press Unzip, then OK at the end on unzip.
  • Start Virtual Sailor and start using the add-on scenery or boat.
See detailed instructions here

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S.S. Rotterdam Author: Willem-Jan
S.S. Rotterdam the Grande Dame of Ocean Liners.

Without a doubt, the favorite of many, the S.S. Rotterdam. After 38 years, having settled into into old age, she was finally retired from Holland America Line service on September 30, 1997.
Although said so many times, she was and is the Grande Dame of Ocean liners.

This ship was beautifully created by Willem-Jan
Download ( 0.8 MB )  

Condor Express Author: Jason Simpson

The Condor Express is operated by Condor Ferries on the route between Poole, on the Dorset coast of England and Guernsey/Jersey in the Channel Islands.
It is one of a number of wave piercing car ferries that have been constructed at Incat's yard in Hobart,Tasmania.

This beautiful boat was created by Jason Simpson
Download ( 0.8 MB )  

Sydney Ferries - Jim Bickhoff Author: Jason Simpson

The Jim Bickhoff is a beautiful ferry actually in service in the Sydney Ferries company, the boat was made by Jason Simpson with fantastic detail and was named after his ancle who passed away.

This beautiful boat was created by Jason Simpson
Download ( 1.9 MB )  

Bremen Author: Pieter Boelen
The "Bremen" is a specially built ice-strengthened eco-cruise ship which makes regular tours from South America to the Falklands and other South Atlantic islands as well as to the Antarctic Peninsula.
She was launched in 1990 as the "Frontier Spirit" but renamed in the mid 1990's when she was purchased by a German company.
She has a helicopter pad on her top deck and carries several zodiacs for landing tourists at remote locations.

This ship was beautifully created by Pieter Boelen
Download ( 1.5 MB )  

Ever Renown Author: Pieter Boelen
The "Ever Renown" is the 5th of the 10 R-types of Evergreen.
The "Ever Renown" sailed on the RWW service of Evergreen for years, later she changed it to the RWE service and in february 2002 she'll join the NUE service of Evergreen.
She's 294.13 m long, 32.22 m wide and she has a draft of 12.8 meters.
She bears the Panamanian flag and she's built in Japan in 1994.
She is able to carry 4229 TEU's and on the last photo you see her at her
maximum load arriving in Rotterdam, NL from Colombo, Sri Lanka.

This ship was beautifully created by Pieter Boelen
Download ( 1.5 MB )  

S.S. Nieuw Amsterdam Author: Willem-Jan
Pride of a seafaring nation, the Holland-Americas ss Nieuw Amsterdam was one of the largest, most luxurious and modern vessels ever built. For the exacting traveler, she offered an experience unmatched by any other.

Famed for her old world service and continental cuisine, ss Nieuw Amsterdam proved to be one of the most popular vessels on the Atlantic run for the better part of three decades. Her public rooms and cabins reflected the talent and craftsmanship of the Netherlands most advanced architects and interior designers. And with an understated elegance that charmed and comforted, she developed a loyal following among passengers that lasted until her retirement.

This ship was beautifully created by Willem-Jan
Download ( 1.5 MB )  

S.P.S. BARKEN Author: Ragnar
The S.P.S. BARKEN is a very detailed container ship in active service.

"Its an old container ship from the year 1978 wich had one of the highest ice classes that a ship can have, it was sailling under dutch flag, and by the year of 1989 it went on Antartic Expedition for the Itallian Goverment in 1991 it went again for the German Goverment after that i was sold due high feul prices to Greece."

Ragnar Den Besten

This ship was beautifully created by Ragnar

Download ( 0.5 MB )  

Container BERNHARD S Author: Ragnar
The Container BERNHARD S is a very detailed container ship in active service.

Port of Registery: Willemstad
Owner: Besten Shipping
Current state: Liner Service, see below for details
Build at: Poland, 1987

This ship was beautifully created by Ragnar

Screenshot 2
Download ( 0.5 MB )  

Polar Sun Author: Ragnar
The "Polar Sun" is a timber carrier ship, she is a very detailed medium size cargo ship.
Her core activity involves transporting timber and derivative products from Scandinavia to Spain and the West European continent.

This ship was beautifully created by Ragnar

Download ( 0.25 MB )  

bulk carrier Castillo de la Mota Author: Andres Merino
The bulk carrier Castillo de la Mota is one of the most impressive ships ever created for Virtual Sailor.

"Here I send you the last vessel I was like master. Unfortunatly, now it does not exist.
This is my contribution to many seamans using your simulator as a way to remember former times.
But also, I think she is an important model to consider your VS a simulator as a real simulator for seaman students using it like a training tool .
The behaviour is quite similar to the real one. If you consider it is easy to handle a vessel like this, try to go with this vessel into Algeciras or Cádiz Port".

This impressive ship was beautifully created by Andres Merino

Screenshot 2
Download ( 2.0 MB )  

Cargo Ship Author: Ragnar
The "Cargo Ship" is a very detailed medium size cargo ship, this is the first cargo ship for Virtual Sailor and has a high level of detail.

This ship was beautifully created by Ragnar

Download ( 0.85 MB )  

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