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This page contains add-on files for Virtual Sailor, to install them do the following:

  • Open the windows explorer.
  • Locate the directory where Virtual Sailor is installed.
  • Take the add-on file you download from this page and put it inside the Virtual Sailor directory.
  • Run the add-on file by double clicking on it in the windows explorer.
  • Press OK to start the unzip of the file, then press Unzip, then OK at the end on unzip.
  • Start Virtual Sailor and start using the add-on scenery or boat.
See detailed instructions here

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The Enhantress Author: David Arathorn
The Enhantress is a beautiful and romantic schooner made by one of the greatest supporters of Virtual Sailor from its early start.

This beautiful boat was created by David Arathorn
Download ( 0.75 MB )  

The Schooner Author: Daniel Polli
The Schooner is a beautiful and romantic schooner.

This beautiful boat was created by Daniel Polli
Download ( 0.5 MB )  

Colin Archer Aglaia Author: Juergen Klemp
The Colin Archer Aglaia is a rebuilt of the famous ships of Colin Archer.
The "Aglaia" is running under the number - TS G568 - of the Sail Training Association.
Every Year there is a Colin Archer Memorial Race from the Netherlands to Norway.

It makes great fun to sail Aglaia on VS.

This boat is one of the most detailed and beautiful boats created for Virtual Sailor.

This beautiful boat was created by Juergen Klemp
Download ( 1.6 MB )  

Zeesboot Author: Michael Blohm
The Zeesboot is an old fishing boat in special used in the Bodden area of the between scenery.
In 1984 would be 42 boats used for fishing in flat water, Up to now many boats are rebuild for fun sailing.

This beautiful boat was created by Michael Blohm
Download ( 0.9 MB )  

Gorch Fock Author: Juergen Klemp
The Gorch Fock is a beautiful tall ship.

Gorch Fock is the training-ship of the german navy, The painting is of 1976.

This is a classic tall ship with great level of detail, beautifully created by Juergen Klemp

Screenshot 2
Download ( 0.65 MB )  

Dar Pomorza Author: Adam Galazka
Dar Pomorza is a wonderful A Class tall ship from Poland.

This frigate was built in the Blohm und Voss shipyard in Hamburg in 1909.

Named Prinzess Eitel Friedrich, she served as a training ship for the German Merchant Navy.

During WW I she was a hotel ship for U-Boat crews on leave in Kiel.
After the war, she was sent to France as a war contribution ( part of Germany's war reparations? ) and renamed Colbert.

She was given to Baron de Foreste in Nantes.

The Baron didn't sail her, however, and allowed her to deteriorate.

She was bought by the Polish in 1929 with money raised by donationa and was named Dar Pomorza (Gift from Pomorze) , Pomorze is a region in Poland.

Dar Pomorza served as an officer training ship for the Polish Merchant Navy from 1930 to 1982.

During the WW II she was moored in Sweden, but is now a museum ship in Gdynia.

Dar Pomorza has won many international awards, including the Cutty Sark Trophy (1980), and first place in Operation Sail.

This large vessel has a sail area of 2115 square metres, a 410 hp engine, and can sail at a maximum speed of 17 knots, She carries a crew of 189.

...It’s a big one :)

Adam Galazka

This ship was beautifully created by Adam Galazka

Screenshot 2
Download ( 0.5 MB )  

STS Pogoria Author: Adam Galazka
STS Pogoria is a wonderful tall ship build in Stocznia Gdanska in 1980.

Since 1995 Pogoria has been used by The Sail Training Association for training young people from Poland.

In Cutty Sark Tall Ships Races it’s classified as a B class ship.

In 1999 Pogoria took the main Cutty Sark trophy, and in 2000 the Cup went to her twin Kaliakra.

The ship takes 48 sailors + 3 officers and a Captain, It can sail for a month without getting in to the port.

I’ve modeled it mainly using my own photo albums and some experience from sailing on it so there can be small mistakes…

Adam Galazka

This ship was beautifully created by Adam Galazka

Screenshot 2
Download ( 0.5 MB )  

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