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Vehicle Simulator Update

The most recent version is Version is 2.7.0, released on Sunday, April 15, 2018

To get this version download the small update below. ( also available Ex version )

File Size Download
Vehicle Simulator Update 2.7.0 8.0 MB Download
Vehicle Simulator Update 2.7.0 8.0 MB Download

File Size Download
Vehicle Simulator Update 2.7.0 Ex 4.0 MB Download
Vehicle Simulator Update 2.7.0 Ex 4.0 MB Download

Changes for version 2.7.0

Bug Fixes and new features:

  • Removed redundant cross on the HUD
  • Allow editing properties even when elements or components exist
  • Made more realistic quadcopters, and panel, with additional mode switches.
  • Added keys for quad flight modes (Press S Key)
  • Add window for attitude indicator dialog (Press Shift + H key)
  • Add digital attitude indicator instrument (dgatti)
  • Add external windows for map, radar, and attitude indicator ( Use Video Options )
  • Added 4 additional flaps: flapul, flapur, flapdl, flapdr
  • Added 4 additional spoilers: spoilul, spoilur, spoildl, spoilur
  • Added reverse needle as child to ins_throt, ins_throt1, ins_throt2
  • Added reverse part of planes: reverses, reverse1, reverse2
  • Added MT_WATERJET engine type with Jet Bucket joystick axis
  • Updated QuadCopters for Racing and CleanFlight modes.
  • Added RHIB vehicle type, with JetSkii motor control.

The most recent version is Version is 2.6.5, released on Monday, February 15, 2018

To get this version download the small update below. ( also available Ex version )

File Size Download
Vehicle Simulator Update 2.6.5 4.0 MB Download
Vehicle Simulator Update 2.6.5 4.0 MB Download

File Size Download
Vehicle Simulator Update 2.6.5 Ex 4.0 MB Download
Vehicle Simulator Update 2.6.5 Ex 4.0 MB Download

Changes for version 2.6.5

Bug Fixes and new features:

  • Shift + MouseWheel moves forward inside cockpit.
  • Added option for Full Scene Anti Aliasing ( four passes, on by default ) into Video Options dialog.
  • Optimized mesh loading, reducing mesh loading times and memory used.
  • Fixed bug when engaging reverse thrust on planes.
  • All animations load and work properly.
  • Weapons hitting and exploding scenery objects.
  • Added button on map to duplicate waypoints of selected vehicle to all vehicles.

About version 2.6.4 Ex

This versions is essentially the same as latest version 2.6.4, however under the hood it uses new libraries for networking and X files loading and animation.

The program is 99% compatible with older vehicles and animations, but in rare cases some files may not load, this is normal, and does not indicate bugs in the program but merely a change in X file format made by Microsoft in recent D3DX library.

Networking was completely changed, it is working much faster now than it worked before, however, the UDP protocol required a change of architecture from peer to peer, to client server, as a result the host cannot migrate as before, when the host machine leaves the session, the session is terminated.

Networking mode in the Ex version connects only with other Ex versions, do not connect with ordinary versions, it will not work.

To host a networking session, the host machine should define itself as DMZ-Host in the router on which it is connected.

Bug Fixes and new features:

  • Program was compiled with Windows10 compatibility.
  • DirectPlay networking was replaced with Enet UDP networking prototcol.
  • Networking changed from peer-to-peer to client server.
  • Some older x files and animations may not load properly because of use of new D3DX library.
  • Replaced the defaults old vehicles for compatible versions.

Changes for version 2.6.4

Bug Fixes and new features:

  • Fixed a problem that caused the program to get stuck on reading some files.
  • Fixed point of view rotation after several turns in POV hat.
  • Wakes on water are rendered more efficiently.
  • Any vehicle type can have deck, and carry other vehicles.
  • Added QuadRotor vehicle type.
  • Added 8 new vertical propellers, tag names, sprop1, sprop2...8, fprop1, fprop2...8
  • Added 2 camera parts, camera, camerab, for gimballed camera and base.
  • Added two instrument types, joystickl, joystickr, for supporting the QuadRotor type.
  • Added QuadRotor panel type.
  • Added captive POV camera upon vehicle, also appears inside vehicle.cfg as [has_camera]
  • Added animated pilot which appears on ground at remote location when pressing F5, or F6.
  • Added remote camera view, toggled by pressing Shift + "C" on vehicles with camera.
  • Added digital instrument for camera in panels, tag name, dg_camera.
  • Added specific logics for QuadRotor autopilot, for takeoff, landing, navigation and return home.

Changes for version 2.6.3

  • Hiding instruments of type HUD when screen HUD is on, allows clearer view.
  • Hidden instruments and dialogs are not updated, allowing better frame rates.
  • Enabled eject pilot to be in vehicle\pilots directory.
  • Exponential control for fast planes improved.
  • Improved effects for bump maps and use of standard normal maps.
  • All five flame tags falmel,r,u,d,m can be used for multi engine accrding to positions.
  • Fixed a bug which cased objects to disappear when close to enge of screen.
  • Working yoke and using new tags yaokel, yoker, yokepl, yokepr.
  • Updated light panel for planes and boats.
  • Added three instrument switches cab_lights, nav_lights, anc_lights.
  • Rolling wheels in gear animation, using wheel1..8 tags, wheels must be centered around their axis.
  • Auto pilot behavior fixed for any frame rate, fixed instability caused shaking at low frame rates.
  • Fixed bug in vehicle collisions, allowing better pushing and collision between boats.
  • Updated mesh optimization making better frame rates.
  • Fixed bug in timing functions for computers not rebooted for 25 days or more.

Changes for version 2.6.2

Bug Fixes and new features:

  • Waypoints updated for all players in netplay mode.
  • Added netplay entry from main screen.
  • Better calculation and display of collision point in marine radar.
  • Maximum number of edited objects increased in scenery editor.

Changes for version 2.6.0

Bug Fixes and new features:

  • Water current is saved in situation file.
  • Backtrack function in GPS was fixed.
  • Rotors can rotate clockwise or counter clockwise - added [ccw_rotor] to vehicle.cfg.
  • Rotor elements can rotate clockwise or counter clockwise - added [rotor_ccw] to elements.cfg.
  • Rotor elements calculation made more accurate.

Changes for version 2.5.8

Bug Fixes and new features:

  • Boats can have increased bow splash size - added [wave_scale] to vehicle.cfg.
  • Added laser weapons, added [laser_weapon] paramter to weapon.cfg.
  • Objects inside groups can be killed, fixed radius calculation.
  • Boats can have increased smoke length, using [smoke_n] paramter inside smoke.cfg.
  • Addeded [is_horn], [is_idle], [is_plume] to smoke.cfg to accurately specify smoke type.
  • Added hit to tow to vehicle options, allowing quick towing of cars and boats (when closer than 100 m).
  • Saving and reading forecast time and weather in situation files.
  • Added Ranger, Aerlite 103, Jet-Ski vehicles as sample for smoke, laser and wave_scale.


Changes for version 2.5.6

Bug Fixes and new features:

  • Sails positions problem fixed in replay and netplay.


Changes for version 2.5.5

Bug Fixes and new features:

  • Cars and boats can drive in reverse using auto pilot, trains can drive backwards on tracks.
  • Added a lighting panel for boats and planes, added netplay state for them, added digital instrument dglights.
  • Fixed rotor rpm display on HUD, effects all rotary craft.
  • The anchor is placed below anchor attachment point and not below center of ship.
  • Added scale factor to animals, using [scale] inside animal.cfg.
  • Added future DLL loading without crash.
  • Boats can have steering wheels, using tag names steer, steer1, steer2, steer3.
  • Flat lights and Beams work for back sector as well.
  • Towing back to back made possible ( as in VS ).
  • Updated calculation for variable pitch propeller, reduced negative thrust and increased wind milling rpm.
  • New gallery dialog allows quicker selection of vehicles.
  • Parachute size can be set using [parachute_scale] in vehicle.cfg.
  • Parachute attachment point can be adjusted in vehicle.cfg using [parachute_x], [parachute_y], [parachute_z].
  • New sail dialog added, showing control of sails, reef, wind and efficiency, pressing S shows this dialog.
  • Fixed gps goto functions ( goto mob, goto wpt).
  • Added HSI instrument, allowing panels to show VOR/ILS and auto pilot heading.
  • Forecast made random each loading of situation or starting of program.


Changes for version 2.5.3

Bug Fixes and new features:

  • Added weight shift joystick axes, Weight Shit, Speed Bar for Para Glider.
  • Fixed weapon launching bug which prevented launching weapons vertically.
  • Compiled using Windows7 manifest, making application compatible for Windows7,8.


Vehicle Simulator support for Occulus Rift

Install this update only if you have Occulus Rift, it will not work otherwise

File Size Download
Vehicle Simulator 2.5.2 - Occulus Rift 2.0 MB Download
Vehicle Simulator 2.5.2 - Occulus Rift 2.0 MB Download

Changes for version 2.5.2

Bug Fixes and new features:

  • Remeber full screen mode when program is closed.
  • Accrutate caustic refraction using underwater visibility.
  • Gear animation and user animation animate according to their frame count.
  • Added instrument dgalt - reads altitude in feet.
  • Added instrument dgweapon.
  • Separate radar and weapon dialogs.
  • Weapon locked and ready voice when weapon is locked.
  • Vehicle options dialog split into two, and tooltips added to all options.
  • Added option to render boat in pilot view without hiding water.
  • Added very big explosition for weapons using [kill_radius].
  • Killing all targets in weapon [kill_radius] also in netplay games.
  • Loading situation.html enabled only in demo mode.
  • Manifest file read from common directory and from scenery.
  • Cargo can be removed from scenery using cargo dialog remove button.
  • Smoke when engine is on when [smoke_s] < 0 in smoke.cfg.
  • Optional vehicle sounds added, "inside.wav" and "outside.wav" as ambient sound inside and outside.
  • Scenery animations support "_n" night mode.
  • Added vehicle tags lightsl, lightsr, lightsm, lightst, which glow on when light is on.
  • Parachute attached at (hook_x, hook_y, hook_z).
  • Vehicles can use color coded bump maps for effects when bump scale < 0.
  • Added night vision mode using Ctrl+T, button on Telescope, Joystick button and Toolbar icon.

Changes for version 2.4.9

Bug Fixes and new features:

  • Scripts with waypoints work properly.
  • Engine animation works properly with boat angines.
  • Turf sound works in reverse.
  • Added horn smoke when smoke colors are negative in smoke.cfg.
  • Reverse button in inoperative for boat, operated by throttle only.
  • Added handle for horn on panels, example made on Ranger.
  • Added the ability to transport cargo from scenery to scenery.
  • Added buttons to tighten anchor in dock dialog.
  • Added the option to round waypoints when sailing, set as default.
  • Weapon aiming ( leading ) upon moving targets improved.

Changes for version 2.4.8

Bug Fixes and new features:

  • Panel is updated only for my vehicle.
  • Restored bow wave position, size and opacity.
  • Gallery mode added to vehicle dialog.
  • Removed prop splash.

Changes for version 2.4.7

Bug Fixes and new features:

  • Added crosshair at the plane's boresight when hud is on.
  • Option to remove smoke from bombs with paramter called "Weapon Smoke" in vehicle options.
  • Fixed problem which occured when removing vehicle that is being targeted by ground weapons.
  • When ground weapon is disabled it's shells are also being removed.
  • Fixed problem which occured when ground cannon fires upon a vehicle.
  • Prop splash width set properly for single engine, multi engine and for catamarans.
  • Loading bsplash.dds, ssplash.dds from boat directory.
  • Disabled wave and splash if too far from camera.
  • Loading ground weapons also from scenery\weapons directory.
  • Loading and editing components of a vehicle from vehicle\components directory.

Changes for version 2.4.6

Bug Fixes and new features:

  • Added prop splash to boats and submarines.
  • Added friend foe functionality to vehicle war mode, to ground weapons and to scripts.
  • When vehicle or weapon has "axis_allied" = 0 it will attack or be attacked by any side.
  • When vehicle or weapon has "axis_allied" > 0 it will attack or be attacked by vehicles with different side.
  • Boresight position on hud shows true boresight when free hud is used.
  • Improved bump on roads and runways.
  • Ground weapons can be added in scenery design mode.
  • Ground weapons are aimed better if guided weapons are used.
  • Added joystick axes for flaps and air brakes.
  • Saving and loading of joystick schemes.
  • Reverse mode detected correctly in boat when throttle set to reverse.
  • Increased number of weapons, smokes, pilots to maximum of 24.
  • Increase number of components, cargo items, view points to maximum 64.
  • Added barrel animation to weapons, using barrel_a.x file with 30 frames animation.
  • Support added for  png files loading with transparency.
  • Cargo dialog checks vehicle changes and updates itself.

Changes for version 2.4.5

Bug Fixes and new features:

  • Fixed reference to vehicle private waypoints on script.
  • Fixed illegal camera angles due to repeated numeric keypad entires.
  • Added saving of "fuel_left" to all engines in situation files.
  • Added wait [time] script command.
  • Extended mouse wheel picking time for zoom slection.
  • Accurate calculation of  reverse flows in propller engines, allowing VTOL aircraft like V22.
  • Added reverse flows calculation to to variable pitch props, allowing VTOL aircraft like V22.
  • Jet engines made more realistic using mach, pressure, and altitude dependancy.
  • Wind gusts effect limited to cloud tops, with gradual transition layer.
  • Added parts reversel, reverser, thrust reverser, with revs_angle paramter in  vehicle.cfg, activated with Shift+E.
  • Added parts foldl, foldr which fold up wings, with folds_angle parmeter in vehicle.cfg, activated with Ctrl+F.
  • Added pilot.x file for weapons, to emulate a gunner.
  • Added gound weapons to land scenery objects, objects with *.wpn suffix load weapons on ground and
    engage other vehicles which are not marked as on the same side as the weapon.
  • Weapon side is selected by parameter called "axis_allied" on weapon.cfg.
  • Vehicle side is selected by parameter called "axis_allied" on vehicle.cfg.
  • Added one weapon "AA_Gun" to weapons, placement in objects.txt as follows:
    AA_Gun.wpn -120.664185 35.248863 3.000000 -0.500000 1.000000 1.000000 1.000000
  • Added fuel control on vehicle adjust form.
  • Added handling for cargo box with missing manifest.
  • Rain is not shown inside cockpit for boats with deck unless there are other vehicles on deck.
  • Added click.wav, check.wav, change.wav, sounds inside vehicle directory allowing them to be customized.

Changes for version 2.4.4

Bug Fixes and new features:

  • When moving to point using map or scenery change vehicles maintain their docking and anchoring.
  • Windows7/Vista black screen problem due to lost focus solved.
  • Script editing and reloading possible from inside the program.
  • Added boat scripting commands:
    sail heading [...] speed [...]
    dock [on/off]
    anchor [on/off] )

Changes for version 2.4.3

Bug Fixes and new features:

  • Mouse wheel zooms map in/out, click upon map to forcus on map, click on screen to focus on zoom.
  • When moving anchored or docked vehicles on map or scenery they become undocked.
  • When moving to point using map or scenery change vehicles maintain their coordinates.

Changes for version 2.4.2

Bug Fixes and new features:

  • High water level supported, allowing very high inland lakes.
  • Contour maps show depth relative to water level.

Changes for version 2.4.1

Bug Fixes and new features:

  • Fully compatible with Virtual Sailor scenery.

Changes for version 2.4.0

Bug Fixes and new features:

  • Fully compatible with DirectX11 and Windows7 64 bit.
  • Chrome reflections show correctly in DirectX11.
  • Grass and vegetation show correctly in DirectX11.

Changes for version 2.3.9

Bug Fixes and new features:

  • Maximal area of 3D waves around ship refined and smoothed.

Changes for version 2.3.8

Bug Fixes and new features:

  • Maximal area of 3D waves around ship rendered very efficiently.
  • Boat to boat collisions improved allowing accurate tugboat operation.
  • Boat to dock collisions improved allowing better mooring near docks.
  • Anchoring points can be accurately set for each boat and adjusted in 3D.
  • Prop wash calculated and added to propellers, elevators and rudders.
  • Docking dialog improved with loosen and tighten options for each rope.

Changes for version 2.3.6

Bug Fixes and new features:

  • Navigation instruments settings are saved with the situation.
  • All types of vehicles can carry cargo, load and unload it.
  • Cargo loading can be accessed from vehicle settings screen.
  • Cargo identification by manifest fixed.
  • HTML description of situation can be loaded upon start.
  • Matrix editor can add elevation bias to all matrix values, handling STRTM4 better.

Changes for version 2.3.5

Bug Fixes and new features:

  • Remote and chase view modes saved with situation.
  • Docking ropes are saved with situation.
  • Drag parachute made to match the scale of planes.
  • Wheels identified always for cars and dampeners are attached to them.
  • Boat thrusters made weaker and have better physics.
  • Any vehicle has its own waypoints by default.
  • Better docking near objects ( check collision must be on ).
  • Removing old docking points when vehicle is removed.
  • Cargo can be loaded onto vehicle using cargo loading screen from inside docking screen.
  • Cargo loading points can be added and edited for each vehicle from cargo points screen.
  • Scenery robots added with new scripting language defined inside robot_readme.txt file.

Cargo features:

A cargo is defined as mesh file with "cargo" in its name, the contents and weight of any cargo
should be specifief inside "manifest.txt" in the "common" directory.
Cargo can be added to any vehicle which has cargo loading points, for example see the Ranger.
Cargo loading points are defined using the Cargo Points screen from inside the docking screeen.
Any cargo found close to the docking vehicle, less than 250 meters away can be loaded onto it.
Cargo can be unloaded from a vehicle provided there is a land or platform less than 250 meters away.
Upon closing the situation the cargo positions are saved in the situation and also in the scenery, so that a mission
for carrying cargo from point A to point B can be started and resumed.

Vehicle waypoints:

Any vehicle has its own set of waypoints now, to add waypoints to all vehicles at once,
no vehicle must be selected in the map, when a vehicle is selected only it will show and
allow editing of its waypoints.
To deselect a vehicle double click on an empty area on the map, when selecting a vehicle,
this selection "sticks" so you can continue to edit its waypoints.
when switching from vehicle to vehicle the waypoints you see and buoys you see are all
related to the vehicle you are at.
When editing waypoints you can select any waypoint from any vehicle directly on the map,
selecting one waypoint on its path will select the owner vehicle and its waypoint child.

Scenery robots:

Any mesh file or animation file with "robo" in its name is defined as a scenery robot.
A scenery robot is composed on "x" mesh/animation file, script "txt" file with the same name,
and optionally sounds.
The script file contains basic set of instructions shown inside the "robo_readme.txt" file,
these instructions are carried out in order, and possibly looped through goto command.
See three samples "robo_crane_anim", "robo_anim1", "robo_box1" in common directory.
Try to add these objects to the scenery in design mode and see what they do, open their "txt"
file and see what they do and how they work.

Changes for version 2.2.5

Bug Fixes and new features:

  • Boat skidding out of control fixed ( when moving far and returning to vehicle ).
  • Width of rear wake made smaller for boats with decks wider than waterline.
  • Private vehicle components made possible, when placed inside a vehicle directory.
  • New and updated matrix editor allowing integrated depth map editing.
  • Control+A will always activate animations in scenery regrdless of their activation distance.
  • Joystick master toggle added to joystick dialog.
  • Updated vehicle screen using categories and types of vehicles.
  • Option to replace vehicle with another added to vehicle screen.
  • Added loading control for vehicles in vehicle adjustment screen.
  • Docking points always relative to center of boat.
  • New dogfight mode for vehicle scripts, allowing air to air dogfights against AI vehicles.
  • Until engage option added to vehicle script allowing planes to sit on ground until target is detected.
  • Random command added to vehicle script allowing random flight and random turn.
  • Respawn option added to script allowing scripted vehicles to return to origin.
  • Brakes, Reverse, Blinkers lights added to vehicle lights.cfg.
  • Remote point of view saved and restored with situation.
  • Car bow wave moved to bow.
  • Scenery and vehicle lighting improved, dark nights made possible.
  • Beacons and bouys lights made visible always upon their opaque parts.
  • Runway lights, light arrays and light paths improved and made uniform in size. ( using point sprites ).
  • Marine and Aviation radar icons switched to reflect their actual colors.
  • Pressing R, N, G, turns on marine radar, echo sounder, gps when our vehicle is a boat, and aviation insruments when plane.

Changes for version 2.2.4

Bug Fixes and new features:

  • Prop walk effect added to boats, typical "prop_walk" value for left handed props is 0.1
  • Prop walk can be set from vehicle properties screen.
  • Submerged elements incorrect behavior in high waves fixed.
  • Auto sail upwind angle can be set from vehicle properties screen.
  • Wave length function improved allowing better settings for long ocean swells.
  • Pilots are not scaled with the vehicle if read from vehicle.cfg, all other pilots read from pilot.cfg are scaled.
  • Pilots are read from vehicle directory, from vehicle pilots directory and from pilots directory.
  • Fully compatible with ShipDriver controller, see PI Engineering website for details.
  • Planes are made broken is capsized on the ground.

Changes for version 2.2.3

Bug Fixes and new features:

  • Bug fixed on loading older VS instruments or instruments without needle hierarchy.

Changes for version 2.2.2

Bug Fixes and new features:

  • Wheel animation works in reverse.
  • Spinnaker works properly on boats with elements.
  • Spinnaker deployed when auto sail is turned on.
  • Road tracking greately improved for cars, and can follow roads even through intersections.
  • Engine sound relative to rpm instead of throttle, noticable when engine spools down due to incorrect mixture setting.
  • Show news option added to main screen.
  • Added shadow for planes on water.
  • Panel editing screen added to vehicle design mode, greately simplifying panel making and editing.
  • Updated porche car with new instruments.

New Instruments and Panels:

  • One part and two part yoke instruments added for planes ( yoke_1, yoke_2 ).
  • DLL panels possible for multiple planes in the same flight ( dll_g1000 instrument and source code updated ).
  • Rotary switches added, using the keyword "rotary" or "switch" turns toggle switches to rotary switches (rotary_engine_1 ).
  • Loading private screen panel when panel.cfg found in vehicle path.
  • Loading private instruments and panels from vehicle path when found.
  • Added three green lights to gear instrument ( gear_1 ).
  • Added green light indicator to flaps instrument ( flaps_1, flaps_2 ).
  • Added green light indicator to trim instrument ( trim_1).
  • Added car brakes pedal instrument (car_brakes).
  • Added car gas pedal instrument (car_throt).
  • Added car gear handle instrument (car_gear).
  • Added joystick axis for brakes.
  • Double Click on any instrument resets its control ( stick, rudder, throttle, wheel ).

Changes for version 2.2.0

Bug Fixes and new features:

  • Full compatibility with word scenery and future expansions.
  • Full object loading from sub directories inside each scenery.
  • Loading of automatic and user objects from sub directories.

Changes for version 2.1.6

Bug Fixes and new features:

  • Option for loading boat.x as simple mesh added to vehicle options, use this option to load huge ships which do not load properly otherwise, effects do not show properly in this state, and also moving parts which are built into the boat.x file.

Changes for version 2.1.5

Panels and instruments :

  • Custom onscreen panel added, when panel.cfg exists in vehicle directory.
  • Digital instruments added to panel "dghoriz", "dgwind", "dgballast", "dgflow".
  • Onscreen radio navigation panel added using the panels selection screen.
  • Onscreen radio panel updated independently, allowing any vehicle to use radio navigation.

New vehicle parts :

  • Beam type light added, using the word "Beam" inside lights.cfg file.
  • Boats loaded as a single mesh, allowing very large boats to be visible properly.

Sail boats and sail controls :

  • Bug fixed with manual sail control, now sails will not change angle without user input.
  • Added joystick axes for controlling sails, added Main and Jib sail axes.

Scenery and land objects :

  • Runways and roads have dense textures.
  • Number of runways, titles and positions per scenery increased to 1024.
  • Sub Directories inside scenery can be used to add objects automatically.
  • Any sub directory inside a scenery with "_" in its name and objects.txt is loaded with the scenery.
  • This allows for scenery updates and add-ons for large scenery by simply adding new directories inside it.

User interface changes :

  • Create situation screen and map screen improved, allowing better selection of sceneries.
  • Sceneries are drawn larger first and smaller next, so internal scenery is always visible.
  • Double Click on scenery forces selection even if another is selected on map.
  • Selecting scenery on the map and pressing move to point will move to selected scenery even if overlapping with other scenery.
  • Map made less cluttered when zooming out of scenery boundary.
  • Radio navigation screen improved, and search option added, allowing simple and fast selection of a navigation aid by name or frequency.
  • Improved weapons screen showing boat or plane shape and weapons selection.

Changes for version 2.1.2

Bug Fixes and new features:

  • Cables and ropes are dampened correctly.
  • Towing ropes without the rubber band effect.
  • Docking without oscilations, allowing more realistic docks.
  • Cars have 4 steerable wheels, and 8 moving wheels in total.

Changes for version 2.1.1

Bug Fixes and new features:

    Keys can be typed in dialogs without activating keyboard commands.

New parts and animations:

    Animated wheels part added, using wheels.x, the animation is animating according to vehicle's ground speed.

Changes for version 2.1.0

Netplay features:

Netplay session closes upon exit to main screen.
Ping command added for measuring latency in netplay. ( Shift + F12)
Weather netplay command is sent every change in weather.
Player's vehicle is deleted when player leaves netplay session.

New parts and animations:

Fourth propeller added for boats.
Fourth rudder added for boats.
Fourth elevator added for boats.

Animated engine part added, using engine.x, the animation is animating according to throttle setting.

Propellers rotate accoring to actual side they are at, left or right.
Anchor texture loaded from "chain_a.bmp", rope texture from "rope.bmp".

User interface:

This file can be seen when pressing Help->Changes.
Text size problem fixed on dialog/digital instruments.

Mini Radar added for showing the position of other vehicles relative to my point, this radar is seen when "see controls" is turned on in vehicle options.

Tilt meter added to sail boat panel.

User input:

Keyboard Buttons added for controlling boat thrusters, 7,8,9,0.
Joystick axes added for controlling thrusters.
Joystick buttons added for controlling camera pan and zoom.

Full range throttle added for boats, option called "Positive Throttle"
added to vehicle options, when this option is turned off the throttle
moved from full stern to full forwards. ( for joystick throttle).

Boat features:

Boats can collide with boats with decks without climbing them.
Boats are added in the correct elevation and do not bob.
Boats can be added without colliding with each other.
Double clicking on the throttle sets throttle to zero.
Boats avoid collision with other boats when auto pilot is turned on.

Sail angles added to vehicle.cfg:

[almin_sailb] - min sail angle (radian, defualts to 0)
[almax_sailb] - max sail angle (radian, defualts to 1.5)
[almin_sails] - min sail angle (radian, defualts to 0)
[almax_sails] - max sail angle (radian, defualts to 1.5)

Plane features:

Take off or landing cancelled when pressing AP in auto pilot screen.
Gears lowered on the downwind leg on the landing script.
Airplane wingtip smoke can be toggled on/off using Control+S.

Scenery and weather:

Thunderstorms in forecast made more rare and shorter in duration.
Scenery lighting during thunderstorms made more realistic.

Docking and mooring:

Cables and chaines made more realistic with multiple segments.
Docking and mooring panel added, with option to add it to panel:
Press D to show the docking panel for boats.
To use in panel.cfg use insturment called "dgdock". ( "dgmap", "dggps", etc.. )
The docking panel has individual cable attachments for each side,
for each cable a tighten button is also added, and colors show when
the cable is tight or loose.

Private waypoints:

Private waypoints added to vehicles on map. 
Turn on Pvt Wpt to enble editing of the selected vehicle's private waypoints.

Upon adding waypoints in this mode, a message is shown showing if vehicle has private waypoints, and if they are hidden or visible.

Note that the vehicle you control always sets the "global waypoints" so you can continue to work with GPS and HUD as usual, however if you add traffic vehicles with private waypoints add also private waypoints to your vehicle or you will lose the saved waypoints when passing between vehicles.


Changes for version 2.0.3


  • Netplay move to position bug fixed.
  • Netplay outside of scenery area is possible.


Changes for version 2.0.2


  • Vehicle becoming transparent by its self shadow fixed.
  • Camera moving high above road in extremely low visibility fixed.


Changes for version 2.0.1


  • Encoded xx files can be used and saved in scenery design.
  • Auto_pilot_gain can be defined for vehicle with elements.
  • Boat reverse button reverses the throttle direction ( moves to aft ).
  • Vehicle does not run into ground when engaging ground target in scripted mode.
  • Added waves influence to hydrofoil surfaces of boats.
  • Propeller particles hidden out of water for boat engines.
  • Bow wave and wakes made visible also when hydro boat rises out of water.
  • Missing smoke problem fixed.


Changes for version 2.0


  • Memory leak fixed in road and track editing in design mode.
  • Hydro_alt paramter measured from keel line. ( compatible with VS )
  • Bug fixed when resizing the application caused vehicle jump into space.
  • Bug fixed for cloning float objects in design mode.
  • Thrusters will not slow the boat as before.
  • Water ripples made visible to 25000 ft, by resizing ripples with height.
  • Catamarans fully supported by creating double hull elements. ( better than in VS )
  • [has_catamaran] paramter added to vehicle.cfg and to design mode.
  • Added car components. ( see sample14 vehicle )
  • User manual and program documentation updated.


Changes for version 1.9.9


  • Added reverse option for all vehicles.
  • Ceneter of gravity can be moved using elements. ( Body dx, dy, dz )
  • Helicopter rotor simulation instability fixed.
  • Boats shown on marine radars.
  • Fixed a problem with light path editing.
  • Autogyro improved using vectored propeller thrust.
  • Anchors made softer allowing smaller forces on boat hull.
  • Problem fixed with object reloading ( day/night change ) when anchored.
  • Problem fixed with docking ( land on objects / object collision conflict ).
  • Problem fixed with saving multiple boats anchor status.
  • Hydrofoil paramters added to boats, and also imported from VS boats.


Changes for version 1.9.8


  • Fixed problem of remote vehicles losing track of roads.
  • Scenery imported also when header exists and matrix missing.
  • Fixed length towing option added.
  • Multiple vehicle tows can be made.
  • Multiple tows can be saved with the situation.
  • Replay vehicles can tow other vehicles.
  • Added control for simulation time step.


Changes for version 1.9.7


  • Depth imported properly from VS scenery.
  • Accuricy of objects from imported scenery improved.
  • Improved and more robust landing on objects.
  • Imported scenery objects can be edited and saved.
  • Scaled land vehicles can be saved and edited.
  • Improved rendering speeds by optimization of object shadows.
  • Added option for dynamic shadows.


Changes for version 1.9.6


  • Virtual Sailor scenery and vehicles imported completely.
  • Micro Flight scenery and vehicles imported completely.
  • Overlapping sceneries can be used and selected using change scenery dialog.
  • Situation loading selects scenery even if overlapping. ( when scenery scan off ).
  • Collision course horn added.
  • Empty situation loading fixed.


Changes for version 1.9.4


  • Height map center of view moved to vehicle position.
  • Collision detection and landing on objects can be used without conflict.
  • Simple chase option added to vehicle options, allows chase view with rotation only.
  • Boats can sail under bridges.
  • Sea color in flat mode depends on underwater visibility.
  • Underwater lighting improved.
  • Boats can jump off ramps in sea.
  • Photos in scenery are easier to use, new file format for photos.txt.
  • Saving scenery objects made accurate, bug fixed with broken roads after save.
  • Underwater speed of rendering optimized in best speed mode.
  • Program tested and optimized for laptops and notepads with limited memory.


Changes for version 1.9.3


  • Planes and pilots can be scaled to any size allowing qute RC models.
  • Bug fixed with object elevation detection causing abrupt change in vehicle position.
  • Road following bug fixed for roads with intersections.


Changes for version 1.9.2


  • New water shaders with accurately animated water ripples.
  • Added option to tow the other vehicle.
  • Aerial towing bug fixed.
  • Auto pilot dialog for submarines fixed.
  • Added road tracking for cars auto pilot.
  • New and improved object elevation detection, allowing cars to drive on any object, and jump of ramps.
  • Added suspension for cars, visible wheel movement.
  • Added paramters for suspesion and center of gravity for cars ( body_alt, body_cgy ).
  • Added 3D track object, following the terrain but keeping level above it.
  • New and improved shadow of object upon object in scenery.
  • Update camera altitude above ground with smoother limitation.
  • Planes do not slide of decks of rotating ships.
  • Cars created with correct center of gravity and wheel elevation even if model is offset.
  • Parameter added to control ground steering for all vehicles ( steer_angle ).
  • Added message when vehicle is hit.
  • Fixed bug when adding position on the map.

Changes for version 1.8.9


  • Marine engines improved using propeller diemeter for efficiency calculation.
  • Buoyancy of boats improved, better distributed points of hull.
  • Marine map improved using standard colors, rendered view and scale.
  • Marine radar improved using standard colors, rendered view and scale.
  • Water brightness added for controlling the reflection strength ( fresnel bias ).
  • Water shaders updated and glimmer reduced near the horizon.
  • Thrusters work for boats with elements.

Changes for version 1.8.8


  • Vehicle and panel textures load with full color.
  • DDS files loading improved, better hiding water in cabin.
  • Sails control using joystick.
  • Spinnaker active also when auto sail is off.
  • Torpedos have no flames under water.
  • Aviation navigation aids are added automatically to the scenery.
  • The NavImport utility was incorporated into the program.
  • Auto Pilot screen split into two instruments, marine auto pilot and aviation auto pilot.
  • The aviation auto pilot is available for planes and the marine auto pilot available for boats.
  • Auto pilot behavior for planes was updated, guidance and navigation rules were improved.
  • Added [auto_pilot_gain] paramter to vehicle.cfg and to vehicle design, controls auto pilot sensitivity.
  • Shift+Tab locks upon other vehicles ( padlock view ).
  • Controls mini panel added to show controls ( aileron, elevator, throttles, rudder ).
  • Option added to vehicle options screen to turn the minipanel off.
  • Script behavior was updated, automatic landings improved, flaps, spoilers, engines are controlled.
  • Auto pilot has rate of climb option as well, and made similar to the two axis Bendix King design.
  • Added paramter for thrust vectoring for boats, [attach_props] and [thrust_angle],
  • [thrust_angle] controls the angle of the izopods, for example 3.1415 will have 360 degree range.
  • Added Joystick control for the sails.
  • Mouse wheel adjust the zoom in all modes.

Changes for version 1.8.7


  • Trees appearing in air problem fixed.
  • Added commands for controlling doors by type: Control+D, Control+C, Control+S
  • Shadow on runway made stronger and more consistent.
  • Torpedo remains under water when fired.
  • Sail flapping sound made only when going into irons.
  • Buoys added to marine radar.
  • Shift+Tab changes vehicle point of view.
  • Mouse wheel always zooms the view useful in design mode to accurately place objects.
  • Control+Backspace reloads all weapons for vehicle.
  • Lights.x ( night lighted part ) file enabled for all types of vehicles.
  • Heat plume added to JET, JETAB, ROCKET engines, and enabled using an option on vehicle options screen.
  • Contrails added on the wingtips when visibility is low and under fog altitude.
  • Contrails also added using trails.cfg file, allowing multiple trail sources.
  • Flyby views updated, F5 is simple flyby F6 is auto zoom flyby.
  • TrackIR and POV Hat enabled inside cockpit only.
  • Vehicle sounds are heared closer to vehicle.
  • Shift+J disables sound, J disables joystick, these states are also saved.
  • Fire and smoke attached to broken vehicle, and explosition shows when hit.
  • Goto position function fixed on the map to go between sceneries properly.
  • Control+A animates scenery animations as well as vehicle animation.
  • Shift+Mouse pick allows moving of each throttle individually on multi engine panels.
  • Auto pilot screen shows current heading and altitude when AP is not engaged.
  • War mode updated for vehicles, delaring war when hit as well, slecting multiple weapons,
  • Firing when sectors are ok, remebering war mode status when out of sector.
  • [damage] paramter added to weapons allowing weapon to be tuned.
  • Damage value set to weapon also by weight of shell.
  • Weapons aimed better in war mode, balkistic and leading applied.
  • Sound objects added to scenery, allowing wav files to be added to a spot and heared at a distance from it.
  • Directories are possible inside the scenery, allowing saving and loading of objects and files.
  • Common dialogs option added to scenery design files, allowing better selection of files to load and save.
  • Vehicles bounce up when hit by torpedo.
  • Objects selected by type in design mode screen.
  • Remove last object command added to design mode files dialog.
  • Multiple picking and manipulation of objects in design mode, Shift+mouse allows window pick.
  • Control+pick allows unpicking and multi picking of objects.
  • Selected objects can be saved as absolute or as relative files.


Changes for version 1.8.5


  • Door parts added and improved, usable part names are:
    doorl, doorr, pdoorl, pdoorr, sweepr, sweepl,
    paramters added to vehicle.cfg for doors are:
    [doors_angle], [doors_move], [sweeps_angle].
    doors and swept wings can be picked and moved individually.
    pressing control+D opens all doors.

  • Added one user animation called anim.x, activated by control+A.

  • Weapon base angles made compatible with VS and MF using weapon.cfg paramters.
    weapons are oriented by weapon angles on startup.
    weapon sectors are working well allowing back facing guns and weapon sectors.

  • Weapons can be aimed and shot in groups, allowing multi barrel weapons,
    new parameter added for weapon.cfg [weapon_group].

  • Weapons added as individual masses, allowing asymetric flight and as some weapons are fired.

  • Propeller specular reflection and bump added, using effects.cfg.
  • Drag chute added for planes, using D toggles the drag parachute.
  • Starting and stopping sounds of some engines types fixed.

  • crew_weight added to boats, added also as parameter in vehicle.cfg
    [crew_weight] can be used to simulate additional boat loading.

  • Sails can be controlled by hand, spinnaker control made manual.
    pressing S toggles spinnaker.
    goose winged sails are possible using manual picking and moving of sails.
    added sail flapping and manipulation sounds.

  • Wind shadow between boats added, added option for this on the weather and atmosphere options screen.
  • Waypoints at sea have bouys with stobe lights.

  • Replay and netplay covers all reefing and sail manipulation.
  • Added capsize and collision limit checks for boats.
  • Added [max_tilt] parameter to the vehicle.cfg.

  • All panel types can be used, pressing Control+P shows new panel selection dialog.
  • Window size and screen mode saved and restored upon startup.

  • Sail boats updated correctly beyond visual range.
  • Auto pilot modes organized and prioritized.
  • Auto sail added to auto pilot screen.

  • Scenery lights adjusted to be seen always even if more than 8 specified.
  • Mouse panning is possible in object design mode.
  • Reflection artifact fixed for objects seen in reflection.
  • Thermals generated by the program will not be saved as user made objects.
  • Collision check and land upon objects optimized to give better frame rates.

  • Bow waves adjusted slightly,
  • Water waves shaders improved a little.

  • Updated docking drawing, and point of view drawing.
  • Added one small sail boat ( Finn ) with pilot and crew mass.

Changes for version 1.8.2

    Bug fixes:

  • Reverse function restored to boats and cars using joystick and Shift+E button.
  • Gama_base, Beta_base switched for static weapons to keep VS compatibility.
  • Reflections enabled on transparent boat parts.
  • Throttle instruments set to correct range always to keep VS compatibility.
  • Boat and car engines using elements updated to include proper reverse controls.
  • Hydro drag always read when importing VS boats, allowing good match of performance.

Changes for version 1.8.1


  • Engine controls using 5,6, Shift+Up, Shift+Down for multi engines.
  • Towing options improved and expanded on vehicle dialog.
  • Windows made transparent from inside cockpit (parts with opacity < 0.5).
  • Gallery view improved with smooth scolling.

Changes for version 1.8.0

    Vehicle Dynamics:

  • Helicopter effects updated. ( TLE + Ground + Sink Under Power)
  • Multiple engine controls for planes and boats.
  • Right and Left engine axes added to joystick.
  • Right and Left engine controls using [ , ] keys, and Shift + [ , Shift + ].
  • Right and Left parachute brakes added to joystick axes.
  • Twin panel type added for planes with multiple engines.
  • Boat throttle changed for single and multi engine to include reverse in range.
  • Reverse button active for cars only, for boats it is controlled by throttle.
  • Vehicle Parts:

  • Canopy and door parts, pickable and movable. (doorl, doorr, pdoorl, pdoorr)
  • Control + D key to open and close doors.
  • Simple damage model for vehicles using "broken.x" file for broken vehicle.
  • Sonic boom improved, sound is not heard ahead of supersonic plane.
  • Engine start and stop sounds added for each type, using "start.wav", "stop.wav".
  • String instrument added and also added to glider panel by default.
  • Vehicle shaders render at night.
  • Rope texture added for cables and moorings, using "rope.dds", "rope.bmp".
  • Effects added for panels and instruments using effects.cfg in panel directory.
  • Maximum number of instruments in panel increased 128.
  • Unlit mesh part for boats and subs using "lights.x" added.
  • Scenery Parts:

  • Simple damage model to land objects, using "_b.x" to mark broken part.
  • Weapons:

  • Weapons move and shoot independently.
  • Weapon angles and limits added, using "beta_base_min", "beta_base_max",
  • "gama_base_min", "gama_base_max", "beta_base", "gama_base".
  • Current weapon can be aimed without using HUD or Telescope.
  • Limited Ammo mode added to vehicle options dialog.
  • Ammo limits added to weapon.cfg file using "max_rounds" parmeter.
  • Weapons mass and innertia are calculated when loading and firing weapons.
  • Refule & Reload button added to vehicle controls dialog.
  • Ammo counts added to HUD and RADAR weapons screen.
  • Generic:

  • Situation dialog shows locations and titles on scenery maps and allows selection.
  • Gallery view for selection of vehicles, press Q to show gallery or menu icon.
  • Flood light added for special lighting, using Shift + L, and menu icon.
  • Flood added instead of spot light, because of shaders used for vehicles and scenery.
  • Free View HUD option added vehicle options to select vehicle angles or camera angles.
  • Splash screen made square to work with Vista and Windows 7 Aero mode.

Changes made on version 1.6.5

  • Boats use normalized cross section surface.
  • Propeller moment added for airplanes.
  • Wave height is depends upon wind when forecast is generated.
  • Glider yaw string direction fixed.
  • Elements property editing fixed.
  • Compass added as default panel and also as toggle between boat panel and compass.
  • Objects view added in map for easy scenery design and scenery finding.
  • Dynamic weather and weather forecast added.
  • Added option for using weather forecast.
  • Added weather forecast dialog.
  • Added tide and low using weather forecast.
  • Scale factor effects gear and wings as well.
  • Fixed navigation bug of boats and land vehicles.
  • Fixed bug of vehicles moving higher when my camera is very high.
  • Sails reef position is saved.
  • Engine stops working when vehicle is shot.
  • Increased maneuverability for boats and subs to overcome dampening.
  • Boats can be docked, using Shift + D.
  • Added option for object interface, on vehicle options dialog.
  • This option allows the vehicle to detect object and land upon them.
  • Added script language for vehicles, documentation and samples are
  • available inside the scripts directory of the program.
  • Added some script demo situations to show elaborate scripted scenarios.
  • New vehicles can be created and saved.
  • New vehicle editor for vehicle made of components.
  • All major types of components added.
  • Vehicle samples added for vehicles made of components.
  • Additional rotating wheels added ( maximum 8 ).
  • Object interface detection separated from collision detection.
  • Boat path made visible.
  • Improved vegetation collisions.
  • Collision detection improved, landing on anything is possible.
  • Vehicle lights and sectors improved.
  • Engine in reverse possible for all types of boats.
  • Auto Objects filtered from runways and patches.
  • Bow wave size reduced for boats.
  • Multiple sails bug fixed.
  • New vehicle adjustment screen.
  • Sails can be picked and moved.
  • Matrix Editor improved depth map is exported and imported.
  • Situation creation from main screen.
  • Default values for sail areas.
  • Multiple sails bug fixed.
  • Guided weapons effected by gravity.
  • Sails problem fixed.
  • Automatic objects filtered from patches and runways.
  • Animated pilots using frame animation added.
  • Sail control added using sail instruments.
  • Additional sailboat panel added.
  • Sails and sailboats added.
  • Bow wave position fixed.
  • Waypoint markers fixed.
  • Attach props for boats enables thrust vectoring.
  • Unguided torpedo option added.
  • Guided bomb option added to weapons.
  • Element orientation editing fixed.
  • Panel lighting improved.
  • Underwater particles.
  • Underwater plants.
  • Underwater lighting improved.
  • Vegetation appears even if greater than 300 meters.
  • Depth reading fixed.
  • Depth instrument added to boat panel.
  • Map expanded to marine and aerial map types.
  • Contour and topographic maps added.
  • Vegetation appears gradually.
  • Dampened rotations for smoother flight of fast jets.
  • Grass does not appear on runways.
  • Option for moving to point on ground or in air.
  • Navigation beacons show in day time.
  • Collision detection fixed for all vehicles.


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