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Vehicle Components Tutorial

How to create vehicles using Vehicle Simulator

This tutorial explains how to create vehicles quickly and easily using Vehicle Simulator, in this tutorial we will create a hydrofoil boat.

1) Start the program and position your view anywhere in open sea, without any vehicle selected.

2) Press "V" to show the vehicle dialog, make sure no vehicle is selected, if you had a vehicle remove it first.

3) Press the "Design" tab, and then select the "Boat" as the vehicle type, and the "boat_body" as the body of your vehicle, you may change its name on the upper left text box.

4) Press "Next" to create this vehicle.

5) Select the "Hydro" type and select "hydro_wing" and then press "Add component"
move the hydro wing forward using the bottom slider to approx the bow of the boat.

6) Add also a hydro tail, and slide it to the aft section of your boat.

7) Add also a "boat engine", slide it to the aft section just near the hydro tail.

8) Now, add also a hydro fin and keep it a litle aft of the center of the boat.

9) Next, add a large mass and slide it just under the fin, this will increase the boat stability.

9) And finally, press "Save Vehicle" to save the vehicle and take its snapshot.

This concludes the basic vehicle making tutorial.

See examples of these types of vehicles in sample_01 to sample_12 inside the program.



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