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About Photo Equalizer

When we compare digital photographs to what our eye sees, we find a fundamental difference, the digital photograph tends to be less vivid, parts of the photo are bright while others remain in the shadow.

This problem is caused by the way digital camera capture the image.

The brightest area in the image receives the highest color  values, which is  typically RGB(255,255,255), and the rest of the image receives colors which are linearly scaled compared to this white area.

However, this bright area of the image is often a light source such as the sun or the sky, and the other parts show objects that diffuse the light and have much lesser brightness that the light source.

Since light sources are several orders of magnitude brighter than the diffused light bouncing of objects, linear scaling of the color values cannot do justice to the image your eye actually sees.

This causes these areas to appear much darker and have much lower color resolution that the bright parts.

This is a typical image taken by a digital camera, the brightest area around the sun receives bright colors while the rest of the image remains dark. 

The image our eye sees is closer to this image than to the one on the left, we can easily see the grass and water although the sun is much brighter.

Trying to compensate for this by increasing exposure or aperture in the camera tends to overexpose the lit parts and we cannot see the whole image with the same sharpness and illumination.

The problem cannot be solved by changing the gamma, brightness or contrast of the image, this merely causes the colors to appear faded or too bright.

Changing the gamma causes the image to look faded, the darker parts appear lit but brighter parts appear white.

Changing the brightness and contrast causes the bright parts to appear white, colors are lost in the process.

Photo Equalizer is different from other image editors because it does not change the color map of the whole image, but the colors of individual pixels based upon thier surrounding area.

Photo Equalizer corrects your digital images quickly and easily, bringing them back to life again, entire photo albums can be viewed and processed, and your pictures appear vivid and real.

The results are dramatic, for the first time your digital photographs can match and even surpass conventional photographs in sharpness and vividness.

Photo Equalizer uses a proprietary algorithm, algorithm and software are copyright of Ilan Papini 2005

For the past couple of years there is a photography method called HDR (high dynamic range) which indeed produces similar images to Photo Equalizer, however the HDR process requires capturing several images with different exposure settings to compose a single image, Photo Equalizer does that with just one image.

Examples of Photo Equalizer can be seen below.

Original Image Processed Image
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The download containes the software itself, no need for any setup, just download and run.
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