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Micro Flight Update

Version is 7.0, released on Friday, March 3, 2017

This update is a full update and replaces the previous versions completely.

File Size Download
Micro Flight Update 7.0 34.0 MB Download
Micro Flight Update 7.0 34.0 MB Download

About version 7.0

This version is essentially the same as Vehicle Simulator version 2.6.4 Ex, however the program has a focus upon flight and not all other types of vehicles.

The program is 99% compatible with older vehicles and animations, but in rare cases some files may not load, this is normal, and does not indicate bugs in the program but merely a change in X file format made by Microsoft in recent D3DX library.

Networking was completely changed, it is working much faster now than it worked before, however, the UDP protocol required a change of architecture from peer to peer, to client server, as a result the host cannot migrate as before, when the host machine leaves the session, the session is terminated.

Networking mode in the Ex version connects only with other Ex versions, do not connect with ordinary versions, it will not work.

To host a networking session, the host machine should define itself as DMZ-Host in the router on which it is connected.

Experimental features:

  • Program was compiled with Windows10 compatibility.
  • DirectPlay networking was replaced with Enet UDP networking prototcol.
  • Networking changed from peer-to-peer to client server.
  • Some older x files and animations may not load properly because of use of new D3DX library.
  • Replaced the defaults old vehicles for compatible versions.

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