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To update your software do the follwoing:
  1. Download the update from here : Download here
  2. Install it over your existing Micro Flight.

  3. Run the program, the program will give you a serial number, copy it into the clipboard.
  4. Paste this number into the following form, fill your name and email and press "Process my request".
  5. Your key will be sent to you by mail.
  6. Enter this key into the program and press the "Register" button in the program.


  • Please install this update into the same directory you used to install Micro Flight, typically "Program Files\Micro Flight".
  • Do not write down the serial number, use copy and paste so it will not have spelling errors.
  • Use the same name and email you used to register the software.

  • After you enter the key, press the register button, not the run now button.
  • If you have just purchased the program please allow several hours for the database to be updated with your details, only after it is updated your key can be sent.
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New features in Micro Flight 5.2 : ( updated 20/03/2009 )
  • Terrain engine made more accurate and powerful.
  • Improved sea graphics.
  • Smoothed land shores.
  • DTM import made accurate.
  • Objects can be placed in a scenery using exact coordinates.
  • More night objects and options.
  • Runways and taxiways imperoved.
  • Radio navigation aids added.
  • Improved map with design mode.
  • Improved clouds graphics.
  • Additional wind layers can be added.
  • Improved smokes and weather effects.
  • Improved glider selection user interface.
  • Option for compact GUI added.
  • Improved slew mode using mouse.
  • Improved joystick input.
  • Field of view selection.
  • Multiple viewpoint selection for planes.
  • Improved flight models for all types of planes.
  • New flight model for airship with realistic characteristics.
  • New types of navigation instruments for planes.
  • New cannons and bombs weapon types.
  • Airplane replays can be saved and loaded as traffic planes.
  • All flight data is saved and loaded with the flight.
  • Netplay was completely rewritten and works well now.
  • Graphic performance was boosted with hardware vertex processing.
  • The program was compiled for DirectX9.0c compatibility.

Read the full list of changes in this page

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F-86 Dusk approach

Moonlight on Monterey bay