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Commercial applications

SimSquared LTD. was founded in 2004 by Ilan Papini and Alexander Lorinci in order to facilitate commercial application based upon our products, our goal is to create and promote realistic simulations for aviation, sailing and space for the commercial market.

Our simulations offer greater connectivity, customized dynamics, graphics and functionaly tailored to meet the client specifications.

If you or your comany requires a special version of our simulators, or use of our simulators for commercial training or simulation, if you require connectivity with external ECDIS or instrmentation, or motions platform, we can offer you great solutiuons for economic and competitive pricing.

All the above programs were created based upon personal flying and sailing experience and formal engineering knowledge, some examples can be seen below.

WaterJet Simulator

Alamarine Jet Trainer

WaterJet Simulator

Alamarine Jet Trainer

Bridge Simulator

Busan Harbour Trainer in construction

JetSki Simulator

Ohaio Watersports Jet Ski Trainer

Me Alex and Friends

Diving with our clients in the philippines

Bridge Simulator

Commercial Tugboat Simulator

Alex and Customer

With our clients in France

Me and Alex

Doing business in France

Me and Customer

flying with our clients in the philippines

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